Examples of Our Experience

Our Experience contains brief summaries of past and current engagements without reference to corporate names or brands, in keeping with our confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.

Corporate Experience

  • Constructed a communications strategy to support a Fortune 200 utility company’s merger and acquisition plans and optimally position the company with key regulatory bodies as well as consumer and community groups.
  • Counseled a leading Silicon Valley technology company on disclosure issues involving its board of directors and related national media investigations.
  • Counseled a leading consumer goods company on issues management and public communications related to increased regulatory scrutiny and governmental inquiries.
  • On behalf of a leading healthcare company, conducted a large-scale communications audit including focus groups and survey research to develop a new corporate positioning and messaging strategy.
  • Led preparedness planning and crisis response for a Global 50 corporation affected by the largest recall in automotive history, working in tandem with a myriad of legal teams on the NHTSA investigation, congressional inquiries, multi-district litigation and related regulatory violations.
  • Designed an issues management campaign for a Fortune 100 food sector leader in response to ongoing employee and labor disputes in an environment of declining market share.
  • For a Fortune 50 corporation, served as Communications Strategy team lead, primary spokesperson and liaison to the legal team for a high-profile product liability litigation involving one of the most media-savvy trial attorneys in the country.
  • Provided strategic communications advice to a major Hollywood studio responding to issues related to cybersecurity.
  • Advised a global tech sector company’s board of directors on managing a series of highly visible executive transitions within the company.
  • Managed crisis communications for a drydock involved with a San Francisco Bay oil spill, coordinating efforts with the U.S. Coast Guard and managing relations with environmental activists.
  • Counseled a cable television network and created a communications strategy to address consumer concerns about programming content.
  • Positioned an educational holding company to manage the trial of a securities class action, effectively mitigating media exposure related to the lengthy trial, negative jury verdict and award of hundreds of millions in damages.
  • Counseled a Fortune 500 company through one of the largest data breaches of 2015, including development of a long-term recovery plan, informed by reputational research among customers and opinion leaders in strategic markets.
  • Provided strategic counsel to a national homebuilder and its legal team during the course of a development project involving naturally occurring asbestos in an effort to avoid toxic tort litigation.
  • Led a joint defense team of 40 members through trial and settlement communications planning for a healthcare-related class action lawsuit with the potential for billions of dollars in damages.
  • Positioned a Fortune 10 company to manage the emergence of regional environmental health and safety issues and stave off toxic tort litigation, while achieving its business imperatives in the market.
  • Proactively prepared a global automaker to manage the potential for privacy and cybersecurity incidents, including the development of an incident response plan and related simulations.
  • Counseled a global automaker through successful resolution of a Timeliness Query investigation by NHTSA related to a recall.