Examples of Our Experience

Our Experience contains brief summaries of past and current engagements without reference to corporate names or brands, in keeping with our confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.

Government & Regulatory Experience

  • Provided communications counsel to a city government throughout its response to a Department of Justice investigation of the large metropolitan city’s police department.
  • Developed a Fortune 500 retailer’s corporate communications strategy in response to regulatory fallout driven by a multi-jurisdictional investigation led by a state attorney general.
  • Prepared a Global 50 corporation to proactively manage and mitigate a multi-year investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency, including the resulting multi-district litigation and “historic” civil settlement with the government.
  • Prepared a healthcare provider to manage the resolution of dual False Claims Act complaints and a related five-year Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Trained federal agency employees on crisis media response to large-scale environment issues and disaster planning.
  • Provided crisis communications support to a county government on issues affecting municipal governance.
  • Guided an internet company’s response to an investigation, lawsuit and settlement with the Office of New York State Attorney General while safeguarding its acquisition by a media conglomerate.
  • Effectively positioned a leading technology company to manage a multi-year U.S. Department of Justice investigation into export controls and the resulting settlement agreement.
  • Successfully positioned a financial institution to maintain record earnings during inquiries by the San Francisco District Attorney and Connecticut Attorney General into its business practices as well as during subsequent shareholder and consumer class-action lawsuits.
  • Counseled a private school system through a challenge to its admissions policy, involving a petition for rehearing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and potential cert petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.