What We Do

Sports Communications & Branding

At Smith & Company, we are proud of our work on behalf of professional sports entities, including associations, teams and high-profile athletes.  We use our decades of experience and relationships in the industry to help your brand connect with audiences and stakeholders.  We serve as a central strategic communications and branding hub, working closely with your other business partners and providers, to ensure our clients are well positioned with the media, align with the right partners, maintain a positive image and have the support they need when facing crises or legal situations.  Our collaborative approach helps sports organizations and high-profile athletes by infusing discipline and strategy to their other publicity efforts so that their interests are protected and their goals are met.

  • Strategic communications
  • Brand development
  • Reputation management
  • Media outreach
  • Media monitoring
  • Messaging strategy
  • Media partnerships
  • Media coaching
  • Crisis and legal communications
  • Digital strategy and execution