Examples of Our Experience

Our Experience contains brief summaries of past and current engagements without reference to corporate names or brands, in keeping with our confidentiality and non-disclosure policies.

Sports Experience

  • Conducted ongoing publicity campaigns with several high-profile athletes that included media relations, brand development, issue and reputation management and communications training.
  • Counseled a leading professional basketball player through contract negotiations with the player's coaching staff and team owners, successfully resolving a dispute and enabling the team to continue its season unfettered by related media scrutiny.
  • Provided strategic communications planning to an NBA team involved in a players’ dispute, mitigating media fallout and maintaining fan support for the franchise.
  • Advised an international sports association on a regulatory investigation, possible sanctions and related media scrutiny, enabling the group to effectively manage the issue across various constituencies.
  • Following a change in senior leadership, counseled a national sports union on the organization’s reputation management issues.
  • Counseled a union of professional athletes on public relations related to labor negotiations.
  • Provided litigation communications support to a professional basketball player during contract negotiations.