Today's Operating Realities

Protecting your most valuable assets has never been more challenging. A climate of near-constant crisis has become the new normal. Business as usual has been upended; tried and true playbooks rendered obsolete. The ability to operate and adjust course in real-time is now a prerequisite.

Corporate America is no longer exempt from the political polarization of America – Whether targeted for a Twitter war by political figures or special interest groups – business is learning the hard way that it can no longer stand on the sidelines and claim to be apolitical. Corporations increasingly are being viewed as political actors.

Facts have become negotiable, especially with the emergence of “fake news” and “alternative facts” – According to a recent study by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia, online media increasingly promote misinformation — including rumors and unverified claims — in an attempt to drive traffic and social engagement. The risk of not controlling the narrative or leaving a vacuum for others to fill is greater than ever.

There are no safe havens from digitally empowered agendas and social exposure – Global actions targeting corporations have increased by 500 percent since 2000 and the associated reputational risk associated with these actions and campaigns has increased exponentially since 2010 following the explosion of social media.

The traditional concepts of containment are no longer possible – More than one-quarter of crises spread to international media within one hour and over two-thirds garner global coverage within 24 hours.