Crisis Management.

We’ve been involved in many of the most high-profile engagements of the last three decades, including multiple congressional and government investigations, Supreme Court nominations, worldwide health scares, Fortune 500 product recalls and international data breaches.


High-Profile Experience.

We manage wide-ranging crises for corporations, non-profit organizations, NGO’s and high profile individuals, and our team has been at the forefront of some of the most challenging issues on five continents.

360° | 24/7 | 365


With offices across time zones from London to L.A., our team of highly-trained professionals are always ready to protect reputations, assets and brands.

Action, Not Reaction


By developing a Crisis Management Plan, we help to ensure that our partners and their organizations are prepared for whatever challenges and opportunities the future may hold.

Media Training

We offer training programs to a diverse range of clientele including leading Fortune 500 corporations, politicians, governmental agencies, trade associations and more. Customized for the individual needs of our partners, our proven techniques will prepare you to address the most controversial topics and on the highest stages.