We work behind the scenes with the who’s who of Hollywood A-listers, rising newcomers and cultural icons including actors, musicians, models, filmmakers, authors, athletes and content creators. We help develop individual brands and platforms by connecting them with their audience across a wide variety of channels including red carpet events, film festivals, charity campaigns and brand partnerships.

Telling the Storyteller’s Story

Film & Television.

We partner with all facets of the film and television industry and we work with actors and directors while touching all facets of the industry and help top TV shows, streaming services, film festivals, movie premieres and home entertainment to optimize their engagement with the greatest audience possible.

Striking the Right Chord


From singers and musicians to writers and producers to record labels, production and touring companies, as well as festivals and marquee events, award shows and red-carpet events, we represent the people and companies that comprise the entire music industry.

Where it All Starts



Top-level executives rely on our strategic counsel for issue management, event and media planning for new releases, promotions, and announcements. We specialize in project-based and complex projects with full-service solutions to ensure the vision matches the perception.


Promoting the Artists


From television and film stars to digital influencers, theater actors, recording artists, authors and models, we represent the biggest names in entertainment. We promote A-listers, emerging talent, producers, writers and directors to connect them to their audience.

Making the Seen


We make sure to place our clients everywhere they need to be seen, providing maximum exposure when they make their appearances at film festivals, red carpet events, award shows, charity campaigns, marquee events and other high-profile events.