EPISODE 37 — Judy Smith — Managing Crisis Like a Professional Fixer

December 8, 2020

Judy Smith‘s work as a world-renowned crisis management expert and entrepreneur has earned her the reputation of being the ultimate “fixer.” She was George H. W. Bush’s Deputy Press Secretary, she graduated law school, and her ground-breaking work even inspired a hit TV show: Scandal.

In this episode, Judy unlocks her vault of expertise to teach every law firm owner how to manage crisis like a professional fixer. Here’s just a small slice of the wisdom she shares in this unforgettable conversation:

  • Be prepared, act fast. Bad news gets across the globe in 18 seconds, so it’s important to be ready when a crisis strikes.
  • What, when, and how. You must determine the right strategy and the vehicle for each specific crisis communication; not everything can be handled in an email or a tweet.
  • Know when to walk away. Not everything is fixable, even for Judy Smith, so you need to know and accept a lost cause.